Gareth has over 20 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry from competing professionally in martial arts disciplines to being a Personal Trainer for hundreds of clients throughout Cheshire. Gareth draws on his vast experience in the martial arts arena and fuses this with his passion for Yoga disciplines such as Hatha and vinyasa yoga to teach the YogaLife exclusive “Hot Power Yoga.” These disciplines have been enhanced by Gareth’s recent 5 week journey of enlightenment and yogic training at the renowned Vinyassa yoga school in Rishikesh India.

“I specialize in getting people results and gaining confidence!! Whether it be losing weight/inches, toning your body, increasing fitness, building size or sports specific, no matter what your experience level”.



Having been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and Yoga teacher for over 6 Stuart found that combining the ancient wisdom and medicinal teachings of Yoga with a modern perceptive of health was key in helping his clients transform their lives. “Health & Fitness are tools that help us enjoy life more and for longer. Helping people get healthier and seeing them make positive changes in their lives has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember”.
James has become of of Cheshire’s best known trainers and the results he produces with clients are outstanding. James’s thirst for knowledge and improvement means he continually updates his studies and keeps at the very cutting edge of fitness.

“I am an expert in Krav Maga – a street fighting martial art that demands extreme mental as well as physical focus. I am highly qualified PT. I live and breathe my art and want to relay my knowledge and experience to all. I continue to study and always topping up my qualifications through academic and training courses”.


My Area Of Expertise

Through my holistic natural approach I will rebalance your hormones and restore your wellbeing, using strength and conditioning, alternative therapy techniques, Biomechanics, sports massage, muscle activation and advanced facial stretch techniques.

Jamie’s background in professional sports is a testament to his drive and determinations. James brings this same drive and determination to his clients and thanks to his knowledge and motivation they achieve their goals. Jame’s approach to fitness includes many areas from combat exercise and intense cardio to free weights and even stress relief techniques to help create a whole approach.


“The knowledge and experience I have gained through training and competing in a varied range of sports, and being managed and coached by many magnificent professional players and coaches in this time, means I am able to relate to the physical and psychological demands and approach needed to be successful when reaching your goals”.

My Areas of Expertise:

Weight loss and tone, Sports Specific Training, S.A.Q & Plyometrics, Flexibility, Injury rehabilitation, Functional Exercise, Sports Massage Therapy (Dip), Nutrition and Weight Management (REPs Level 3), Ultimate Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning.



Having worked with many top athletes including professional footballers and golfers Annette’s knowledge is second to none. Annette uses her knowledge of bio-mechanics and movement patterns to create bespoke programming that ensures all her clients achieve their goals.

“Want to know if it’s your nerves, muscles or joints and then how to correct and prevent it. I’m a qualified biomechanics coach and corrective exercise specialist and have helped many people rehab from injury and move more freely”.


My Areas Of Expertise

Posture correction, Weight loss, muscle tone and sports specific coaching. Highly qualified personal training and bio-mechanics expert.



Matty is a physique expert who has crafted his own unique training method that his clients get exclusive access to. His knowledge and experience of the best methods to sculpt, tone and target problem areas such as the glutes (bum), arms, chest and abs has led him to create programs such as Glute Camp & Chest Camp. The life changing results his clients achieve are testament to his dedication and attention to detail that he applies to all his sessions.


“I specialise in targeting specific areas of the body helping my clients get the sculpting results they want and deserve. I will asses how your body moves and performs in exercise & show you the advanced techniques to improve every function. My nutritional programs are specific to our goals & my tried and tested methods will guarantee results”.



I have worked within the Sporting industry for elite brands like Reebok and Adidas working with some of the worlds leading teams and athlete’s. I have traveled the world training clients in China and Spain and helping them achieve their goals. As an endurance athlete my fitness philosophy is based around inspiring clients to be fit and healthy encouraging them to be physically, mentally and socially stronger.





Joel prides himself on being a professional personal trainer, motivating clients to progress and get results. He is a true reflection of his work and dedication, his passion to fitness and nutrition is infectious. With his motivating approach Joel helps you become the best version of yourself! He listens to your needs, wants and desires then creates a bespoke training and nutritional programme to help you reach your goals. Every step of the way, guiding you to adapt your lifestyle to become one that is happier and healthier.