We will treat you as the individual you are. We will tailor make an exercise and nutritional plan the works for you and your circumstances. All our clients are real people with real problems and stresses just like you and look what they have achieved. This can be you!

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“One of the things that has really stuck in my mind is how comfortable I was made to feel. Being around positive and friendly people really does make the difference. The private studio was perfect for me because I didn’t feel confident enough to train in the main gym with lots of people around. I have achieved more than I set out to do and I can’t thank the team enough”.

“I have learnt so much from planning meals to working out on my own. There’s always someone around if you need help or advice and the emails and texts really do keep you focused on your goals. I have trained with lots of people before but this time its worked. Thank you”.

“Like most people I’ve tried everything to lose weight and keep it off but this is the first time I have managed to do it. The training is hard but after a while I started to love it and if I ever missed a session I was gutted. Not only have I lost weight I feel fitter, sleep better and have so much more energy”.
“When I first came to meet Gareth I was so nervous and paranoid that I was almost sick in the toilet. Gareth calmed me down and made me feel completely at ease. Its been hard but it really has changed my life and Im so grateful. I have lost over 6 stone, I am down 4 dress sizes and I feel my confidence has come back”.

To make your own success story contact the team now! In life its these moments that define us, do we stay the same or do we take grasp opportunity to become something more, something better?

“I came in to lose a few pounds and I ended up transforming my life. Stuart’s knowledge about all things health is unbelievable and his passion is so infectious you can’t help but be taken along on the ride. I never thought Yoga & eating a diet mainly of vegetables would be something I’d have agreed to but now it’s how I live my life day after day”.
“James was always offering constant support and advice, during and out of sessions. Along with the training aspect, Jamie has transformed the way I eat, from what to when, and how I view food, which is fun, refreshing, enjoyable and effective. Giving me a detailed diet plan and again, constantly helping me with anything I have queries about”.
“I lost 16lbs but more importantly I kept it off. I’ve had other trainers before
but I can honestly say none of them put the same time and effort into their clients. Stuart’s
always on hand and if I’m not receiving emails and TXTS I’m answering a call off him to
check how I’m doing & telling me I’m entered into some new event!”
“It’s worth every penny! If something can change your life this much, give you your confidence back and make you feel like your you again then its worth every penny and every bead of sweat. Im not finished yet but I know I will get there with these guys. The whole team are so welcoming and friendly that each session is like a boost that picks you up for the day”.