• “Thank you Stuart & Gareth for a fantastic weekend and party we will never forget! Yoga parties are the future”

August 23rd-27th

All Inclusive Yoga Retreat

Yoga can be translated to Yoke or Union meaning the embodiment of mind,  body & spirit as a whole. From this very simple definition we create a 5 day journey through the ancient practice of Yoga & use the tools of Ayurvedic Medicinal foods, Asana practice, Pranayama & Meditation to create an experience like no other. We draw on over a decade of experience & deep personal study to bring all our guests a stay of spiritual & personal growth.

Our retreats look deeper than the physical aspect of Yoga & therefore we can open up our Yoga Life experience to absolute beginners as well as experienced Yogis & even teachers.

Many of our guests travel from all over the UK & book the retreat alone but we promise that you will find life long friends as you leave us. Yoga Life was created from a desire to bring back community, love & acceptance to Yoga teaching and we can assure you our time together will be nothing less than a feeling of being with family.

Spending this precious time together in such beautiful surroundings gives opportunity to some very personal & transformational changes to occur. We provide delicious food that nourishes the body from the inside out & provides a foundation for the Yoga practice. Each meal is created with a specific intention & connection to each Yoga practice which creates a holistic experience each guest will cherish.

Guests will be greated with a Yoga Life Retreat good bag upon arrival which includes a beautiful note pad, cleansing net pot, sacred & blessed mala beads, essential Chakra oils & a Yoga weeks guide book.

For more details please call Gareth on 07979520339 or email stuart@yogalifeuk.com.

We look forward to you joining us on this stunning retreat OM Shanti.

It’s that time again to re-charge and more importantly take charge of caring for yourself with another famous yogalife retreat.
We have found a piece of heaven nestled away in a secret corner of Spain. The 18th Century Farm House is set in a secluded valley of magical rugged hills that promises to be the perfect canvas to admire the Sunrise and Sunset.

The rays of Sun can be enjoyed from a number of places, from a table in our private court yard, the tranquility of your matt which will be waiting for you on our purpose built outdoor yoga sanctuary, or from our private cooling outdoor pool.
The Venue has an incredible energy & stunning tranquil location will almost make time stand still.
We can promise you that a Yoga Life Retreat is very different and one that promises to be an experience, a journey and fun.

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Yoga classes will explore the 8 Limbs of Classical Yoga and this time delve deeper into Yoga Sutras and ancient healing techniques.
2 hours of Yoga at Sunrise (perfect time to practice and connect with mother nature when the earth is at its stillest)
Delicious Organic Locally sourced Food
Yoga Life Luxurious Goody Bag including: blessed mala beads, aromatherapy oils, gem stones and journal to note down your thoughts as the week unfolds.
Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops

Yoga Sutra (history) Workshop
Sunset Yoga with Thai massage treatment techniques for each guest as you unwind and become connected with the Moons soothing energy.

Day Trips (included as part of the retreat)
Beach – Yoga by the Sea on the stunning sandy shore
Mountain Trek
Lake Iznagar
Visit the Ancient City Walls & Castle

Accommodation & Booking
Accommodation includes air conditioned rooms, each apartment has a separate living area & kitchen, pool, terrace, courtyards, peaceful secluded hammocks and sun loungers, acres of gardens.

The beautiful rustic villa is surrounded by olive trees and sits on top of rolling hills which provides stunning views.
Average day time Temperatures: low 21*/high 30*

£800 includes: 5 nights All Inclusive Yoga, Food, Excursions & Luxury Retreat Bag upon arrival.

20% deposit secures your place.

Recommended Flights: TBC

5 Night Retreats are available on the following dates:
August 23rd Arrival

August 28th Arrival

Airport Transfers & Day trips included.

Contact stuart@yogalifeuk.com or call Gareth on 07979 520339.

We look forward to taking you with us on this exciting journey,

Love & Light

Stuart & Gareth

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