Creator and co founder of YogaLife Stuart set out to build a space where peace, freedom and healing can be amplified. The studio has been designed to use healing vibrational elements from light, sound and aromatherapy and this sits perfectly with Stuarts own unique style of teaching. Being a yoga student since his late teens Stuart found that these elements when combined with Yoga can have a profound effect on people’s health and happiness. Stuarts classes are dynamic and rhythmic with focus on strength of breath and flowing movements.

“The flowing nature of my classes help all students connect to a deeper sense of freedom and expression which helps them let go of the days troubles and worries. Yoga is a self journey but one that’s better shared with others and with this in mind my classes have a fun & relaxed tmosphere”



Gareth has over 20 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry from competing professionally in martial arts disciplines to being a Personal Trainer for hundreds of clients throughout Cheshire. Gareth draws on his vast experience in the martial arts arena and fuses this with his passion for Yoga disciplines such as Hatha and vinyasa yoga to teach the YogaLife exclusive “Hot Power Yoga.” These disciplines have been enhanced by Gareth’s recent 5 week journey of enlightenment and yogic training at the renowned Vinyassa yoga school in Rishikesh India, the birth place of yoga and arguably one of the most powerful and spiritual places on earth. This experience has ignited the fires to his already unique practice with an emphasis on inversions, the peak of yoga postures!!!!

Being Co founder of YogaLife & JuiceLife Gareth is also a firm believer that we can all achieve a greater quality of life by embracing holistic practices. “Health is key to creating a happier life and I see yoga as exercise as the foundation of that building.




Perlas love of yoga inspired her to become a teacher and her classes quickly became a favourite amongst the YogaLife students. Perla teaches both a calming meditative Hatha based class as well as a dynamic vinyasa flow to create beautiful sequences that help all students deepen their practice.

Beginners and those who have been practicing for decades will all leave one of Perlas classes with a real sense of having been challenged & a greater to connection to a peaceful state of mind. Drawing on the studios key features such as light therapy, aromatherapy and her own soundtrack Perla encourages students to come to class with no expectations or restrictions and just let your practice unfold.




Adele’s journey has been a varied and exciting one. From beginnings as an aerobics teacher and then fitness professional Adele went on to embrace Yoga & now fuses her practice with NLP meditation. Adele’s unique style is centred around a friendship with her students and her fun vibrant personality that shines through during every class. Yoga plays a fundamental part of what Adele believes and teaches, as Yoga practise can underpin so much of the coaching and emotional wellbeing brought about by her other teaching.

“Being on the Yoga mat is an opportunity for us all to reconnect to ourselves, something that we aspire to do whether it is through the medium of coaching, NLP, meditation it is all leading us to finding peace within our own hearts!”




Granville has been a yoga teacher with over 40 years practice experience and over 20 years of teaching experience. His studies include work with Mr. B. K. S. Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India, and also with him on several workshops and classes in the U.K.

“Having realized the benefits of both Iyengar and Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, I now combine into teaching the wisdom of both these traditions. My early beginnings were in Hatha Yoga and I am now currently developing yogAsana which utilizes the flowing sequence of Surya Namaskar as the basis for practice. More asanas, pranayama and meditation are introduced as one’s proficiency” 




Martina is an ex-international athlete who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.She has a Masters is Sports Education and offers a range of yoga styles to cater for beginners through to advanced Acrobatic Hatha Yoga.

Her classes are fun but focused on results. She has run many yoga classes on TV over the years and she brings a huge amount of knowledge, energy and experience as a qualified teacher and fitness instructor so her classes are always different and challenging.




Hazel’s primary style of teaching is Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic and engaging style of yoga that links movement to breath in flowing sequences. 

She invites students to focus on themselves,developing a healthy, happy practice that suits their individuality. Her aim is to have everyone leave theclass feeling great!


Hazel brings her enthusiasm to class every time, no matter what the hour! Classes are mixed ability (unless otherwise indicated)She is trained to give hands-on assists and adjustments, so that you can experience the asanas as deeply as is right for your practice. Classes include meditation andpranayama (breathing) exercises, with uplifting music being an integral part of each session. Agreat deal of attention goes into creating each class as an all-encompassing experience, which is oftenfurther enhanced with aromatherapy and massage.
Teaching Vinyasa Flow, Children’s Yoga (coming soon) and Warrior Flow (coming soon).



Rania has immersed herself in the practice and life of yoga. Yoga touched her heart 3 years ago and her journey has been inspirational to say the least, she started as one of our founder members, and quickly became a strong part of the yoga life family. She trained at the highly renowned Vinyasa yoga school in rishikesh, India and came back to the family an amazing teacher as we always knew she would. Rania can teach ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha. Her classes are energetic and uplifting with a strong focus on mantras to heighten the experience of her unique practice.