Who Can Come To A Hot Class?

Anyone from the age of 16 upwards can attend a class and experience the amazing benefits of yoga. You are never too old, too unfit or too inflexible to start. Please see the timetable to help guide you on the correct class for you or contact us for more information. info@yogaligeuk.com link.

What Should I Bring?
We provide a FREE hot detoxifying tea drink before class begins and a FREE alkaline juice to help rehydrate after practice however we suggest you bring a bottle of water to sip throughout class.

Hygiene of our students is paramount for us at YogaLife. We have yoga mats for all students but ask you bring a large bath towel, yoga towel or a yoga mat to practice to be placed on top. We have hot yoga towels and non slip rubber matts available to buy at reception.

Im A Total Beginer

Don’t worry we all were at one point! Each week we have completely new students come along to try a class so you won’t be alone. We have classes to suit all levels of ability and experience so just look over our timetable for one that suits you best.

What's So Good About Hot Yoga?

While we do over unheated practices we are essentially a hot studio. The heat works on both a physical and psychological level helping you to stretch muscles more freely and also stimulate your senses and nervous system to connect deeper with the holistic side of the practice. A heated practice helps raise your heart rate, metabolic rate and stimulate a detoxifying processes within the body so you can tone muscles, loss body fat and cleanse the body.