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Classes For Every Mood, Ability & Diary

You don’t have to be super supple, you don’t have to be super strong and you don’t even have to be a women despite what some will try tell you. Yoga is for anyone and there’s a class for everyone here at Yoga Life. All Yoga classes will help improve strength, improve flexibility and teach you the techniques for meditation and mindfulness but each of the class have their own distinct way of doing this. Our advice is to try as many different classes and teachers as you can after you join. You will learn something different from each of them but you will naturally bond with one and thats the class from which your Yoga Life journey should begin.

Have a look at the styles of Yoga we teach here at Yoga Life.

Beginner Hot Yoga

The perfect introduction for those new to Yoga and our Yoga Life family. In the slightly heated room you will learn the correct alignment of key Standing Postures and the flow of Sun Salutations along with their purpose and benefits. By the end of the class you will know your Down Dog from your Warrior and be one of the Yoga Life family. You will also be taught the benefits of breathing and how to calm the mind during practice.

Who Should Do This Class? If you are brand new to Hot Yoga or feel a less dynamic class is best for you then this is perfect.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Vinyassa is the Sanskrit term for flow and refers to alignment of breath and movement to create a dynamic, flowing form of yoga. Vinyasa classes are open to the teachers personality and expression so expect them to cover a wide spectrum of Yoga styles with each class having a very personal aspect.

Who Should Do This Class?
Everyone! Beginners to Advanced Yogis will benefit from this class. When you need to rest then just stop, take a breath and have a sip of water. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, strength and de-stress then this is the class for you.

Hot Power Yoga

This class offers a unique workout drawing on elements of both Astanga and vinyasa flow yoga. Our Power Yoga classes are dynamic, fun and energising with funky music & good vibes.If you want to tone and sculpt that Yoga Warrior body and learn inversions such as headstands, handstands and arm balances then this is the class for you. There will be modifications for all levels of ability and each class ends with visualisation & mindfulness techniques.

Who Should Do This Class?
This is a more challenging strength based class especially for the upper body.

Hot Asna Yoga

Asana Hot Yoga is the creation of Granville Cousins and takes the form of an Ashtanga & Iyengar fusion. Expect deep hip openers, backbends and lots of twisting in this challenging class. Asana Yoga is practiced without music and holds close to more traditional methods of teaching.

Who Should Do This Class?
Not for beginners. We recommend to attend this class after you have been practicing for at least 8 weeks.

Hot Restorative Yoga

Our restorative Yoga classes are all about healing the mind, body and spirit. With a deeper use of pranayama (breathing techniques), aromatherapy oils, subtle shades of violet lighting by the end of the class you will feel like you have been in a beautiful dream. This class will use bolsters, blocks and straps to help support and nurture your body as you journey through class at a calmer pace.

Who Should Do This Class?
All levels of fitness & flexibility will benefit. This is the perfect class to help distress, enjoy better sleep and relax.

Hot Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga comes from the Taoist tradition and focuses on passive, seated postures that target connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Postures are held for much longer and aim to increase flexibility and encourage a feeling of release and letting go of worries and stress. This slower class is a great way to learn the correct alignment of some postures and the basic techniques to still the mind for meditation.

Who Should Do This Class?
Perfect for beginners and those wanting to improve flexibility.

Ashtanga (unheated)

Ashtanga yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga, and consists of a set series of postures, linked together with breathing techniques. Class will begin with traditional Sanskrit opening mantra, a brief mediation followed by sun salutations. You will then move through a series of standing and seated postures, inversions, ending finally in relaxation meditation, and the traditional Sanskrit closing mantra.

Who Should Do This Class?
Intermediate to advanced students looking for a physical dynamic practice.

Mother and Baby Yoga

Baby yoga builds trust and helps develop movement as well as alleviating stress and ailments through simple and positive interaction between parent and baby.

Yogalife Kids (6-16yrs)

Take away a fresh approach to educating, exercising and empowering children. This is a delicious way to learn fresh and powerful new ways to enrich the lives of children. A Taste of YogaKids introduces you to our unique way to share the benefits and life lessons that echo the yogic principles of oneness, interdependence and FUN!

Yogalife Teens (11-15yrs)

Starting yoga and mindfulness as a teen has two great advantages: One, there are immediate benefits that help manoeuvre through adolescence and help in daily life. Two, this foundation and knowledge remains available for the rest of life! Get your family involved and enjoy the same benefits us adults enjoy every day form practicing yoga.

Family Yoga

Our family Yoga classes are amongst our most popular at YogaLife. By fusing the fun of acro Yoga with teachings of mindfulness and meditation to create a class the whole family can enjoy together. It’s a fantastic bonding experience and one we hope you can share with your family. To book your family a place please email family@yogalifeuk.com